Greater OKC Performing Arts Are A Selling Point

This entry first appeared on Paradigm AdvantEdge’s company web-site, Paradigm Edge.

When I first relocated to the Oklahoma City area in 2007, I had little knowledge nor much in the way of expectations with what I would find in regards to extracurricular activities. I knew there were great college sports teams here, (and the NBA wasn’t yet here), but what would I find in terms of the entertainment that sustains cities socially over time, aka The Performing Arts?

What I found – and what people new to the area should be encouraged to explore – is a region with world-class performing arts centers in OKC and Edmond, top-notch theatre companies at the Lyric Theatre and City Repertory Theatre, a young and vibrant ballet company in Oklahoma City Ballet, a world-renowned OKC Philharmonic and terrific arts museums and more.

A quick look at web-sites for the Oklahoma Arts Council, and Allied Arts will find calendars and more for events and happenings. The improvements in Downtown Oklahoma City at Myriad Gardens and the expanded Water Stage, permanent home to Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park summer season, and the nearby new-found home for Carpenter Square Theatre show that Greater OKC continues to support and find avenues for success in the world of performing arts. In Edmond, the spectacular Armstrong Auditorium provides a terrific compliment to the OKC Civic Center in terms of state of the arts venues as well. And in nearby Guthrie, the Pollard Theatre has long hosted an important performing arts company.

There are many other theatre, performing arts and collegiate groups to mention. Ghostlight, Reduxion, OKC Improv and more. I try to post as many revues and happenings as I can on my blog Postcards From The Web but suffice it to say – you should never find yourself or your family bored on a weekend night in Greater OKC.

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