About Brent & Weber Creative

Daughter Nicole & Dad Brent

During a 30+ year career as an award-winning network and local sportscaster and newscaster, Brent Weber made the decision to take a break form the life of a TV personality and journalist and became a Realtor. What a terrific ride it was, but after several years the call of his true heart, to craft and pursue stories that enhance and change lives – and to teach young people learning to do the same – has lured him back into journalism full-time.  And while not currently an active Realtor, he remains steadfastly dedicated to those clients who he has worked with in the past and is available to consider your needs at any time. As an “inactive” licensee with the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission, he will rejoin the real estate force when his past clients are ready.

In the meantime, through the resources of Weber Creative, his production company, Brent continues to provide high quality video tours and marketing solutions for several clients. So feel free to stay “subscribed” to this page. There may not be as many active posts – but there will be examples of homes for sale in the area offered by other professionals, as well as keepsake videos being produced for those building new homes.

Thanks for visiting my site. An undergraduate of Georgia State University in Atlanta, I am the proud father of Nicole Weber, a professional actress. I am currently a teacher at the University of Oklahoma Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication, working closely with young journalists in the production of OU Nightly and OUr Sports Pad. I am also pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Journalism so that I may be better positioned to expand my self professionally in the future. I do my best to remain active   in local charities, the arts and theatre. I live in Nichols Hills with my two dogs, Murphy and Billy, and two cats, Chester and Stella. Please check out my other sites, brentweber.wordpress.com and scorecardscribblings.wordpress.com . You can find out more about my career at weber-creative.com .


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